Matt Lindsey

Matt Lindsey, Director of Social Responsibility at Charlotte’s Web

In the years before Charlotte’s Web began, Matt worked with a nonprofit and through his work was sparked a passion for organic gardening and the healing power of plants. He learned much through cultivating food in his own backyard. And in 2012 the opportunity arose for him to join a group of brothers trying to do something no one had ever done: grow a plant to help save a little girl.

As one of the earliest employees of the Stanley Brothers, Matt wore many hats, taking on various jobs and responsibilities over the years: from the first salesperson for CW to Chief of Staff. Since day one, Matt has been passionate about the company mission which has ultimately driven him to where he sits today, as Head of Charlotte’s Web’s social responsibility program.

He has successfully built relationships within many sectors of the Denver and Boulder business community, helping validate and stabilize the cannabis industry. Matt’s underlining drive at Charlotte’s Web is to help the now-public company keep its soul while continuing to grow.

Matt has a wife and two adorable children, and loves to grapple on the Jiu Jitsu mats, garden, bake bread, rock climb and spend plentiful time in the wilderness of Colorado.

Jessica Blackstock