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Why you need butterflies in your tummy

“I wake up excited about bat testicles.” Come, again?! Pierce Freelon was shocked too when a geneticist professor at his graduate school told him that. But his professor’s point was simple. What excites you? Or as Pierce puts it, “what gives you butterflies in your tummy?”

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A company’s whose purpose might surprise you.

Your company’s purpose is to love people. Don’t laugh. This is real. BIGGBY COFFEE, a Midwestern coffee franchise, has made this their purpose. How do they do it? Why do they do it? We spent a day with Jeremy DeRuiter to learn about how his summer job 17 years ago evolved into a career and how that career became his calling.

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“Okay, I’m not fulfilled. Now what?”

During intermission at Sum and Substance Seattle, I had a couple of conversations with people who were clear that their current work was not fulfilling, but were very unclear about what would be more fulfilling. I’d like to share four ideas that I’ve encountered recently that may help.

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Sum and Substance