The tale of how it came to be.

Sum and Substance began as a live event where regular people told their story about pursuing work that they deeply care about. They are entrepreneurs, small business owners, mid level managers, baristas, corporate leaders, chefs, designers and everything in between.

We’ve shared over 100 of these stories. And we turned these stories into short videos to share what the inside of a great company feels like.

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We still do videos and live events but we really focus on our weekly content that comes to you in your inbox. Use it to take action or ponder or share. Check out some of our pieces here.

We hope Sum and Substance is a place that supports you in doing good work - no matter the age, stage or phase of your career.

Here’s to you and all the good work you seek to do,
Jess and Jay

(Yep, we are real people. Jay designs everything. Jess writes everything. Email us if you want to chat.)