Why you need butterflies in your tummy

“I wake up excited about bat testicles.” Come, again?! Pierce Freelon was shocked too when a geneticist professor at his graduate school told him that. But his professor’s point was simple. What excites you? Or as Pierce puts it, “what gives you butterflies in your tummy?”

Pierce shared his story with us in Raleigh, North Carolina. Butterflies in his tummy has taken form through music, teaching, activism and most recently a bid for mayor of Durham, North Carolina, his hometown.

When we met Pierce two years ago, it was clear that he is a. effortlessly cool and b. relentless about staying curious and pursuing work that gives him butterflies. Because he is so relentless, he is also very dialed into what work brings him joy and is constantly seeking out opportunities to his unique gifts. He is also a great example of someone who parlays many interests into his work. (Which might be encouraging to some of you out there, who like me, have MANY interests.) He’s not overwhelmed by it, rather he sees it all as skills for journey ahead.

So while we didn’t know he would run for mayor, we are hardly surprised. Chase those butterflies.

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