A company’s whose purpose might surprise you.

Your company’s purpose is to love people. Don’t laugh. This is real. BIGGBY COFFEE, a Midwestern coffee franchise, has made this their purpose. How do they do it? Why do they do it? We spent a day with Jeremy DeRuiter to learn about how his summer job 17 years ago evolved into a career and how that career became his calling.

Most people don’t expect their summer job to become their career. Summer jobs often fill gaps in student’s budgets and are quickly forgotten. Jeremy was a typical college student with the typical expectation of his summer job. He liked coffee, that was how simple the decision to apply to BIGGBY was. What he didn’t know was he was stepping into an organization that didn’t just sell coffee but expected their employees, especially those on the frontline, to connect and care for their customers and the community. The job changed Jeremy and he has stayed with BIGGBY ever since.

Jeremy has experienced all types of changes in the company, but it has been over the past few years as BIGGBY has honed in on the company it wants to become that stories like Jeremy shine a light on how critical purpose and culture is in businesses and when it is leveraged in good faith, the powerful impact it can have on everyone involved.

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